About the Did You Know? Series

The Z-vent ‘Did you know?’ series will teach you about ventilation products that we just so happen to sell 😉. Stay tuned for insightful lessons as we continuously add them to this page and our social media accounts! Follow us to stay up to date and learn!

High Static Pressure

ZVS takes a proactive approach to prevent high static pressure, which can otherwise hamper the performance of hood systems. We meticulously consider the path and turns of airflow when sizing systems to ensure optimal performance. By working with ZVS, you benefit from this expertise, ensuring that you avoid issues related to high static pressure that could impede your ventilation system’s efficiency. For more details, you can consult with the professionals.

Pollution Control Units

The Z-scrub Series focuses on pollution control, equipped with a CSA control panel, ANSUL R-102 fire suppression system, UL-approved LED lights, and advanced filtration including MERV filters. Optional features include the Cadexair D-Tech variable flow system and customized odor treatments. This all-in-one unit eliminates the need for a remote PCU, saving on space, installation time, and costs, while ensuring efficient air purification right at the hood before duct connections.


Back return accessories are innovative solutions designed for situations where overhead space above the hood is limited. These add-ons play a crucial role by rerouting the exhaust duct and makeup air duct from the hood’s back to its front. As a result, they guarantee optimal ventilation efficiency, ensuring that airflow remains unobstructed and effective. For those interested in exploring a practical application of this concept, there’s a Type I Exhaust Canopy with Rear Supply Plenum available.

Ventless Hoods

The State-of-the-Art Ventless Exhaust Hood System is a cutting-edge, duct-free solution that requires no installation. Available in three models (ZVH-24, ZVH-42, ZVH-48), it can accommodate equipment widths of 24″, 39″, and 48″. Crafted from polished 18-gauge stainless steel, it features removable side panels, a triple-filter system with updraft technology for superior air quality, and an interlocking start feature for safety. The system is enhanced with a color-coded alert system, versatile caster wheels, and an integrated Ansul R102 Fire suppression system. 

Type II Hoods

The ZVS-VHB-G Series is ZVS’s Premier Type II Exhaust Only hood, ideal for equipment not generating grease-laden vapors and designed mainly for condensation or heat removal. This hood offers several optional features, including removable condensation baffles, double-wall construction for switches and lights, and various lighting options. Additionally, its design allows for reduced lead times and shipping costs, with the production set across five efficient facilities. Accessories such as make-up air plenums and stainless steel enclosure panels can also be incorporated.

Make-up Air Unit Styles

Supply Air or Make Up Air replaces the air taken out of the building by the exhaust. Replenishing it with fresh and clean air. It balances the building preventing raw air from entering the building and creating havoc.

The four common options are Supply Air Plenums, Rear Back Wall Supply Air Plenum, Ceiling Diffusers, and Short Cycle units. 

Type I Hoods

Hoods that are designed to capture and hold grease are called “Type I” hoods. Type 1 hoods are for use over equipment such as griddles, fryers, broilers, ovens, ranges, and wok ranges. These hoods are required to use a UL300 Wet Chemical Fire Suppression System..

When any cooking appliance under a single hood requires a Type I hood, a Type I hood must be installed.